Better Rhymes 2017 Vol 1. (2/3)


Welcome to second part of Better Rhymes 2017 Volume 1 playlist. Part 1 was essentially soulful music to vibe to. Now for part 2, this will be wholly hiphop oriented. The artists featured here will be individuals with unique sounds and lyricism. Hip hop constantly has that on going conversation of being different and acquisitions of being samey.

Those are legitimate conversations to have.  However for the list I’m sharing I don’t think that’s be a though that’ll cross your mind. Whether its a very angry message, waxing poetic or a just putting haters on blast you’ll find it here. Maybe its likely you find more?

Final note before this starts, I will list all features for each track. You need to give credit where credit is due. Now, if that information isn’t public knowledge I can’t do much about that unfortunately.


To start the list, is C. Rou with All I Need ft. Lunamila produced by Bigges. The Copenhagen based rapper shares his thoughts on life’s necessities. He does so backed by a smooth jazz composition and Lunamila’s echoing vocals. Rou raps with precision about his truest of motivations. In his own words, all he (and everyone really) needs is the dream.


Next up is Lonemoon’s Motivated to continue this feature. This young man simply put tells his story of what pushes him. He sings/raps interchangeably along his upbeat production. He ponders about the past, present, and future.Throughout the song he shares effortlessly about how the changes in life allow him to become better. He recognizes everything his personal life and fans as well. The song is very assertive and motivating.


The third song of note is D-Real [愛] ‘s Love Complex 2 , prod. by athena & Mittensさん . The young Atlanta artist flexes his creative talent lyrically. He sings/raps about some very honest feelings that come when relationships don’t work. For the first half he raps about the dichotomy  of being with someone over a melodic beat. For the second act, he’s joined with fellow MC Allen Thomas over an ambient tune. The second half announces his refusal to express phony feelings.


FoePound McGinnis jumps in at fourth with Save my Soul prod. by Glo. Foe raps about probably the most serious of subjects. Along a beautifully and uplifting produced track he draws parallels with a “good gone bad”. He makes revelations/realizations that things happen and we hold ourselves responsible. Maybe to our own detriment we hurt ourselves emotionally.” If I express my views can you save my soul?” — There’s no definitive answer unfortunately. 


Next up to bat is PE$O PETE with WHY U HATE? Prod. by Danger. The FL based rapper raps about an age old story; why you hating? It always seems like despite our respective advancements we get some negativity. Standing behind a solid song. he lyrically declares that he has to win. The choice of those hating on him is rather irrelevant as he focuses on his real concerns. Being a Floridian myself, your instilled with a hustler like mentality. Anything less is seemingly crazy and Pete shares the sentiment.


DJ DAX ‘s Umbra ft. Ish1da, FAXZFADE (prod. by TRIADS)  is the sixth track off the bench. The three join forces to contemplate on the duality of life. Darkness can only be seen in the presence of light. Science aside, they layout some well coordinated facts with their raps. Is it one or the other? Is it wins or losses. You can’t have the good without the bad. They don’t miss a single step along the beat effortlessly.


Maverick da Roninn‘s Game Over prod. by Danger comes in at lucky number 7. The Bethlehem, PA rapper continues his journey of mastering nerdcore. Honestly I lost count of how many game/film/tv reference he drops. This doesn’t matter honestly, he provides some very clever rhymes about conquering one goal after another. The song is a well crafted series of bass and electric piano tune. Like any good ronin his execution is sharp and to the point.


The 8th seed slot belongs to Pnk’s oyasumi ft. Lé Real 現実. The Kyoto based producer creates a very electronica pop track. Normally, that would be enough but the young rapper infused with the popish vibe crafts a different kind of rap. Lyrically he checks off his worries. Haters? Meh. Naysayers? Nothing to worry about. True to his name, he speaks of his musical accomplishments. Also for fun, he adds an anime reference here an there to further his phone.


HLVII KIRA steps out ninth on the list with his track WHY! The subject of why is the focus for the young rapper. Kira raps happily and with pride over all his done. He stays in sync with a track that’s up tempo and entertaining. He turns the trap production into a declaration that these doubters can’t reach him. His delivery is rock solid.


To close out the list is brndn with JOYRIDE prod steelix and outlit. Brndn’s vocally expresses his story of taking a special young lady on a joyride. Steelix and Outlit created a very electronic pop beat. In keeping up with the tempo brndn drops some very jovial lyrics about the prospect of this joy ride. He makes note that they may meet some haters. However with him at the wheel it’s all jokes and fun.

I hope you nodded your head to this different brand of hiphop. Following a good number of those listed, I can say they have more to come. Growing up with hip hop being so prevalent, I always feel that the genre has a lot to offer. Again this is just a taste of what 2017 has to offer.

Now if you want mor some very awesome productions are next.

Note: Any art featured is owned by the respective artist/collective and as such is their property.

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