BetterRhymes 2017 Vol 1 (1/3)


Now that its half way through March were a few months into 2017. Now for personal or not so personal reasons things might be going well for you, might be lame or its just going. So music again offers us a means of expression, escapism, and appreciation for life. So I decided to create playlists to help share more undiscovered music. This will be the first of an eventual 6 volumes (or more?) spanning the year of 2017.

Each volume will cover music within the past 2 months. They will be of varying genres and sounds. Hopefully you’ll find this are fresh as it was for me. This also serves as a means of helping you follow artists that continue to release awesome jams throughout the year. You could also skip all my words and just hit play by the way.

This will be the first entry covering 30 songs across three parts to this feature. This playlist will also help you follow these interesting and creative people. Each song will also link to a social media page of the artist. So if you wish to follow them it’ll be an easy click on the link. I should mention that everyone mentioned on this feature isn’t just a singer, rapper or instrumentalist. They are all multi-talented and incorporate all their skills into projects.

The first portion of the playlist will be I guess you say is R&B, soulful melodies, pop and etc. Songs are not ordered in any particular order. Sit back and enjoy.


We begin with annathwise’s Some Mistake, this is a RnB, soulful medley. This is a song of pain and anguish that sometimes accompanies relationships. The professional songstress is able to express those feelings with care. The tugs at the heart strings. I know that sounds silly but what’s important is this song is beautiful.


Next up is A.Sarr’s To Love ft. Russell Elliot. I’ve written about the NY based artist before. However, I wanted to share this very moving song. It tells of a youngman’s realization that life is about the support you have. Love is something that’s shared. The lyrics and production are very upbeat. Both are able to express the emotion excellently in song form.


The following song is Mac Ayres’ Calvin’s Joint. The instrumentalist creates a haunting tune about an all too familiar feeling. Are we trying? Lord only knows right? These are the questions lyrically following the slow tempo backed by a lovely piano sound. These thoughts can haunt us at night and Mac helps us understand its normal beautifully.


Next is To Me by Bowtye and Avalon. The two join forces to deliver a touching song about a special somebody. Its fitting to get two very talented singers to compose a love song for Valentine’s Day. Their voices compliment each other very well. In fact, they are what I would consider a soulful duo to follow. Honestly, I can never get tired of love songs by either of these two.


Next is probably (not maybe) my favorite song from the first 2 months of the year. Murder produced by Rom features the talents of Jarreau Vandal and Emmavie. The very song is powerful expression of a relationship being synonymous with drinking. Much like having too much alcohol, love/longing can be a dangerous thing. The song executes very well to express these feelings. On a final note Emmavie’s vocals are amazing


Number 6 on the list is Wind of Whims by Natalie Cressman, a NY based singer / songwriter / trombonist. The song from her recently released EP, is an emotional tale of wanting and waiting. Its an airy tune of what happens when relationships don’t work out. The song transitions from quiet and to understandably angry. The songstress doesn’t pull any punches with message. But its delivered softly.


The next song is Happy Place by Bohkeh ft. Ehiorobo. It shouldn’t be a surprise but the song is a very uplifting song. The electronic pop song is reinforced very well by Ehiorobo’s smooth singing. Together they created an exciting song about finding that happy place. This happy place only exist because of that special someone.


Next is Species by the band The Uncanny Reservoir. The band releases a very civil influenced song. The rock song begins slowly and quietly. As more bass is introduced the tempo picks up and feels more forceful. The song is backed by the words of Malcolm X and thus feels like anthem for a movement. I leave what societal issues may have inspired this but it shouldn’t be too hard to find.


The penultimate song on this listing belongs to Contour’s Blinders ft. Garrott Odom. The young man sings of the necessities of being one’s self. Our identity is asserted not by is considered the status quo. To be yourself you need remove that mask. He’s then joined by the well delivered lyrics of Garrott Odom. The track reminds us that we need that space to member who we are.


Now the end of our list goes to Jowin and his latest project, Kids Food for Jane. It features the wonderful There for You. The track and the whole EP for that matter, is new age RnB in flavor. Its also synth pop at the very same time. He sings of well being there for that special person. Relationships are really predicated not just by being the best but sometimes just being there. He reminds us with a track sowed with happy beats and soulful vocals. Its probably my second favorite song.

Hopefully you enjoyed these songs as much as I have. In all honestly, selecting just ten songs within that span was very difficult. I come across so much music its scary but I guess we all can relate with that. I always get asked what’s my intention with these features. Its simple its to help share the work of very talented individuals.

Now we move on to the second part of volume 1. The next feature will be hip hop focused. If you want you could also skip ahead to the final half, dedicated to awesome productions. Whether you read more or just stop here,I hope you enjoyed these songs. I also hope you found a new artist to follow for more awesome music to come.

Note: Any art featured is owned by the respective artist/collective and as such is their property.

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