Better Rhymes 2017 Vol. 1 (3/3)


Welcome to the final installment of the Better Rhymes 2017 Vol. 1 collection. So far I’ve presented soul/funk/pop songs to you, and then hip hop/rap. So what’s left? Well the most important part to me. This listing will be dedicated to producers.

I’ll be sharing a listing of incredible productions. These songs for the most part will be purely instrumental unless there’s vocals being used. Hey show love to the producers! Producers are artisans like any other. Everyone listed here, just like any other artists have multifaceted skills so that makes them dangerous! So that being said we’ll get right into the the best productions I’ve come across.


The first song on the list is Sade. This slick composition is from Troy LVON, and Big Will ,members of the Okinawa Resonance. These very talented producers sampled a song from the songstress Sade. What they are able to create is a reflection of the times. The song is contemporary, hip hop infused, and the smoothest of trap music too. In all seriousness, the trio was able to execute a track as silky as Sade’s vocals.


Next up is Roshima‘s  – Influence ft. Victor A. Maillard . Both of these artists produce and DJ often. So, its no surprise that this track follows that mentality. Its a party starter. Its laid back, melodic, and sways back and forth. The track is a bit of jazz fusion and also electronica funk as well.However you define it, its an incredible assortment of sounds and gets you going.


The third entry is brought to you by Marks’ track Galacticleyline. now that’s a fitting name for a song that’s sounds like space travel. Considering his interests maybe that’s where he feels at home? The composition is pure electronica through and through. The track is both ambient and welcoming. It pulsates with a melo vibe. Marks is ready to take us to a new galaxy.


In the fourth place is Lemkuuja and Golden Funk Groove. The track is a give of thanks for his followers. The track is some mighty fine work of future funk. The song is a mix of groovy rock that would feel at home in the 1970s. A little bit of rock, jazz, a thorough party starter. That is the essence of classic funk in case you were unaware. Its a celebratory tune that you can dance and turn on to get happy. I think that’s what he was shooting for.


Billy the kid with impromptu comes in a fifth. Despite the name this track is not short notice in nature. Its heavily based in jazz. Billy is able to then take the classic sounds and craft a lofi hip hop beat. The lofi here emphasizes how the song is lowkey almost subdued in nature. The arrangement compliments the piano and saxophone beautifully. All in all in its both very chill and warm, ok that’s contradictory but take my word for it.


The sixth pick goes to Kid Yumi and his Bedroom Beats Volume 1. To be more specific it goes to the last song of his album, enso circle. The young producer crafted a song that feels more at home in spy movie decades ago. The track has a certain level of ambiance and steady percussion. It invokes the image of a stealthy stalk out or cool calculated high speed chase. Image Lupin the Third, this would fit any of his movies/episodes.


The Lucky number 7 slot is Cha$e Paydro‘s song Paradise Regained. Cha$e’s M.O is hip hop and rap productions. However this song I feel cross genres. The arrangements of wind instruments and bass creates something different. The track would feel more at home with new age electronica. The song ebb and flows smoothly and expresses its experimental nature effectively.


The eight place belong’s to Sayuw and Childhood. The song is one of the happiest tunes I heard over the months. The Japanese based producer developed a song true to its name. Its very cheery, catchy, and invokes memories of childhood. The composition has sprinkles of children playing adding more to its whimsy. The song is a cheerful collection of sounds including an acoustic guitar and a harmonica. Its feels and sounds like a day in the park back when we were all kids.


The almost last entry is  Troy L.‘s [macross.]. Yes, I mentioned Troy before but this is him solo. The track is sampled and inspired by the anime of the same name. So he’s able to produce his own unique mix that would be fitting on a hip hop album However he’s still able to punctuate the overall Japanese pop sound. Troy’s brand is all over this production. He’s able to adapt and create a beat you can’t help but nod to. At the same time listeners can also feel the older vibe of the original’s upbeat jam.


So I close out this list with I Don’t Know by My NamE. The song is a future funk track from this French producer/dj. So this is one of the best productions I’ve heard in the last few months. The song sounds like it fell through a time warp to arrive in 2017. Its maintains that classic high club vibe where you can image our parents danced to.

With the vocals and the formation of the track its like velvet. The song feels intimate, romantic, and should be filed under “play when company” is over. I could go on… I leave it with this. Its reaches the crescendo of sexy as the saxophone kicks in.

So that’s the end of the playlist, I honestly hope you liked what you heard. This again isn’t myself expressing that I feel “I know” better music. No its just me sharing why I don’t bother tuning into mainstream music. Again in case you skipped the other portions of the playlist, please checkout the selection of rock/soul/pop/etc. and the post dedicated to hiphop/rap.

In the end, hopefully you have some new favorites and artists to follow. Of course any comments and thoughts are always welcomed. As for myself? I’m already kneed deep into the next volume and feature. Until then, don’t do yourself a disservice and enjoy awesome music.

Note: Any art featured is owned by the respective artist/collective and as such is their property.

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