Maestras of Music Volume 1 (3)


Welcome to the final part of this feature (part one here and part two here) I hope you’ve enjoyed/appreciated the music so far. In this feature, I mentioned how the listening public tends to have a dependence for “what they should listen to”. The point again here is to empower and inspire people to abandon those habits and find music themselves.

To abandon the old mentality and present a spectrum of artistry I can. Whom better to teach us than female, femme, and non binary creators? So “whom should you listen to?” here are some of the many. The amazing creators whom approach music as the modern artisans they are.

1.  Marie Louise

True to herself, Marie Louise is an active artist in every sense. At the same time, she occupies a piece of the music world her own. Much like her song Potential, she has an ability to adapt and memorable jams from anything. The young songstress has a catalog of work that really speaks on her confidence as an artist. From moody melodies, to solemn sounds, Marie never stops examining herself within the world at large. Never one to rest, she’s probably working on her new album right now.

2.  KONA

When I heard Kona’s Working Woman, I paused and said out loud who is that singing? Not to downplay her talent but can she get more soulful than this? -She can- Her debut EP, Uncanny really does tell you everything in the title. Her talent, her skill of soothing vocals and ear for music cements a fresh take on Rnb & soul. It’s almost as if she’s created a new subgenre from this album alone. It’s early to claim that but I’m sure she’ll give us more reason to believe this.

3.  Charlotte Dos Santos

It’s as if Charlotte Dos Santos voice was plucked from decades past. It wouldn’t be wrong to say she has an old school vibe to her style of music. She possesses a signing voice that resonates with everyone. – From mom (note: my mom loves her music) to your younger siblings- Airy and classical, Ms. Santo’s Good Sign feels warm and comforting. Her latest EP, Cleo really does feel like music you can appreciate now and 10 years from now. Being a multi-dimensional artist, I wonder what magic she’ll create next.


Based out of New York, Kissey is a navigator of raw emotions. In her track Unplug, she sings unapologetically about the present -The present kinda sucks- The song feels as if it’s slowly creeping into the dark. This is symbolic of what happens when we disconnect to the world. She sings offering peace of mind as she speaks to a friend, lover, or both? Kissey posses this level of grit that’s alluring and honestly abrasive. Her style feels as it thins the line of soothsayer and rockstar. That may not make sense in words but you’d have to listen to her first project. She has more in store for us in 2018.

5.  Christa Lee

I have a slight favor of jazz and electronica. So when I found Christa Lee’s works I became an instant fan. As an electronic composer with an infinity for jazz, these jams are unique to say the least. Being a lover of many musical genres, Lee takes the time to craft inspirations into each composition. Valid Groove for example, is inspired by funk and Latin Jazz at the same time. As a full-time composer and content creator, Lee has quite the impressive discography. 2018 is going to a treat because a new EP is coming.

6.  Kiya Lacey

Kiya Lacey is an artist with a vocal range that provides the sweetest serenity. Her voice move you to your proverbial fall from grace. She sings of running through a fire – a spiritually cleansing and of a literal burning. In fire, she sings of people in need of a spiritual change. Kiya’s voice is haunting as it’s welcoming. She feels like the future of RnB/soul or it’s next logically shift. Lacy is on the rise and I want to see what she’ll give the world of music next.


Tzara’s profile says mediocre music producer. The joke is she’s quite the opposite. As a talented singer, performer, she’s a new age electronica and disco fan. Her music is upbeat, mellow, funky, and a little sad in it’s own way. Her song Story, is pop laced groovy composition that offers a close examination of her life. It’s introspective but also something you could dance to. Both serious and enjoyable, Tzara’s music maintains that unique balancing act.

8.  Melody Reyne

LA based Melody Reyne is another star of RnB to keep an eye on. Like her song With You, her style is very revealing and almost frighteningly hypnotic. I can only assume that With You is based on some real life experiences. The level of which she thugs at the heart strings is nothing short of excellent. Melody has been creating her brand of music for years. Much like others in this feature, she’s constantly at work to perfect her skills. I’m sure she has big plans for her music the year.

9.  Hadiya George

Hadiya George’s Soul Week sounds like the anthem of a woman with no time to spare. Jazzy and influenced by funk, Hadiya sings that she’s not one to be played. She’s on the move from a cheating partner. Despite how hurtful this experience must’ve been, Hadiya found better than this guy. More importantly, her voice is very much an instrument she’s mastered. Her Bay View EP is collage of her views of life and musings of her soul. Hadiya puts her talent on display while letting us peek into the inner workings of her soul.

10. Asha

Last but not least is Asha. Asha’s Unsure is a song that’s about a woman’s uncertainty between love and insecurity. Both beautiful and sad, she seeks to make sense of this emotional crossroad. As her vocals accompany the guitar heavy production, we learn maybe those questions are futile. Because she already has her answer. The emotional disconnect is almost palatable. Asha’s adept at putting us in her shoes essentially when it comes her admission. Her 2017 EP, [I] is a gallery of her artistry and musical vision. It’s self reflective and cautiously adventurous.

So that’s 30 artist whom I think will enrich your music listening experience this year and going forward. Now i case you’ve missed any portion, you’ll find part one and part two here respectively.

For a much more active effort to covering artist I strongly recommend following the Sister collective. They work to not only promote, support, but also are a label for women, trans women, and nonbinary humans. Another influential source for this feature was Girl Gang Music. Girl Gang Music is community and network of women and nonbinary humans within the music industry.

This editorial was really inspired by their work. I highly recommend following them and show support. If you enjoyed any of the music, I think letting each artist know their music is appreciated is the biggest reward here.

By the way Maestras of Music Volume 2 is already in the works. More music curating to come as well. I’ll share when new accounts will be made solely promote playlists. Thanks for reading.

Maestras of Music Volume 1 – Spotify (All the artists don’t have music on Spotify)


Maestras of Music Volume 1 Soundcloud Playlist




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