Maestras of Music Volume 1 (2)


Welcome to the second portion of Maestras of Music Volume 1. For the curious, you’ll find part 1 here and part three here. When formatting this piece, I was thinking. This feature alone (it’ll be the first) isn’t enough but a necessary piece to the questions I ask myself. Can you really appreciate music or any art with a limited perspective?

Note: This feature was inspired by the works of SISTER and Girl Gang Music.

The other question as well “is anyone doing anything different”? – The other most common concern among people looking for music. Well here’s a few amazing individuals doing something different and amazing.

1. Sunflower

Sunflower is an artist I’ve been following since 2016? During that time Sunny has gone through a rebranding and change in production style. Being a student of music, an instrumentalist, and avid music fan, allows Sunny creative ambiguity. With Angel, what you’re hearing is a collection of inspiration, reimaginings, and new life. Sunny’s work has a modernity and ability to be play anywhere. This speaks up on how Sunflower hears music and makes sunshine of it. Sunny is a perfectionist.

2. Frivolous Shara

A frivolous person is not to be taken seriously and carefree. So, Frivolous Shara made that her stage name. Why? To take shoots at childhood misconceptions if herself on very track possible. Her first song of 2018, is an anthem to herself. Her very first line is a well targeted punch to the fragile male ego. Unless you’re listening closely, you might miss the diss(she does this regularly). Shara’s lyrical execution on No Lie Ft. LA Dub Z, is probably her best work? I think she’s not even close to her final form yet. She’s also a talented producer. She has an ear for productions and the ability to make any kind of song she wants.

3. Joslyn-Marie

Joslyn-Marie is a very soulful singer. Well, she’s many things; a producer, skillful vocalist, instrumentalist, and more. She’s also a consummate musical perfectionist. You can hear that attention to detail with her song Floating By co-produced by Tamar Grier. It’s an ode to moving on. Joslyn singing summons some rough heartbreak. Doesn’t it often feel like we are floating in our relationships (and after)? We can be on could nine or hit rock bottom. It takes time, growth, and some pain. Joslyn is set to make me cry with every song release this year. I’m completely ready for it. So very ready

4.  Sam the psychic

Sam the psychic is an artist that’s been creating music for sometime. Her music is starkly honest and real. It seems that those whom possess an affinity to sing, often stick to happy and cheerful tunes. With her talent, she opts to find meaning via not so cheerful jams. You could say keep your window is painful. Sam is framing thoughts and emotions for introspection. Being honest with ourselves can be a painful lesson. Keep your window open is a part of her first EP, letters i wrote. I’m no psychic but I think Sam has more in store.

5.  miri

Miri is an artist whose music, leaves me with a distancing feeling. With her track “from” she’s providing a peek into a higher plane of consciousness. Lyrically her mind is occupied with what ifs and buts. These are often the demons that haunt us daily. What of our past, present, and future. With her melancholy voice and skillful delivery, she sings of escape. Those matters and forces that can harm us mentally, spiritually. She wants to be protected from “you” (whom she finds freedom from). Miri sings from a space of spiritual freedom and clarity.

6.  Lavande

Lavande is an multifaceted producer with a focus on electronica. She has more tools at her disposal of course. The space of electronic music is many things to people. Lavande has a style her own, like her track ravine, it’s both a party starter and something to lose thought to. Along with space candy, she ensnares the auditory senses. The raising tempo of the song invokes the feeling of going through a cosmic journey. Or reaching hyper speed? Let’s say both. But she has more to come.

7. Aivi Tran

Aivi Tran is a talented…everything? Pianist, producer, song writer, and tons of things. She has a long history with music and is half of the dynamic duo; aivi and surasshu. To this day she is both a consummate student and teacher as well. You’ll often find her sharing thoughts on composing via social media. Her music always strikes a chord. You’ll have to forgive me but that idiom really describes her music. Don’t Wait For Me is serene and calming. The emotional ranges of her pieces are intimate and intricate. It’s no wonder this professional musician also creates music for a little show called Steven Universe.

8.  Emmavie

In all honestly, Emmavie has become one of my favorite singers to date. She sings(understatement), produces, sound engineers, composes, and more. I’m not sure how many collaborations she’s worked upon -It has to be many- When she’s not creating she’s perfecting her talents. Did I mention she performs live? I mention all of this because on Murder, you can hear her powerful presence. Now, this song is very revealing and vulnerable. However she, ROMderful, and Jarreau Vandal created something that could be easily played at the club too.

9. Courtney Scott

I’ve actually become introduced to Ms. Courtney Scott very recently. What I know is that she’s a talented producer that’s at home with a variety of sounds and genres.  She’s able to take anything and create productions that challenge standard conventions. With Umiko, she took inspiration from a show and a number of classics. What she’s crated was a very impressive mix that is both jazz fusion and relaxing hip hop. It’s skillfully woven and smooth all around.

10.  Lena Raine

Lena Raine is a professional musician, sound engineer, creator, and much more. She has years of creating music professionally to her name. Creating music commercially and personally is a grand task. It’s both profusely amazing and daunting. Yet she’s been doing so without a hiccup. Her latest album, the Celeste Original Soundtrack is currently bandcamp’s top selling album (not a simple task). Here compositions are very refreshing. She explores a variety of genres; lofi, electronica, hip hop, and more. To say her music isn’t masterfully crafted would be a grave misunderstanding.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the music here. Of course, it’s highly recommended that you follow each of the artist mentioned. All their respective musical careers and journeys are unique onto themselves. So it goes without saying, I think your listening experience may perhaps get better viewing their history and seeing their new work. Now, you’ll find the final portion of the feature here and part one here.

Maestras of Music Volume 1 Spotify playlist  (Note not all artist have music on Spotify)

Maestras of Music Volume 1 via Soundcloud

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