Lions Ambition – Nimbus

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Today. Lions Ambition released a music video for their song Nimbus from their EP Portrait of a Muse. Directed by Reid Graham.
Before we get into that, I’d like to introduce you to Lion’s Ambition. They’re a Seattle based seven man army of talent. They rap, bring the soul, are melodic, jazzy, and bring a unique wave of energy to music. They’re also pretty awesome live (I plan to see them at some point). The band’s career has gained recognition to where it’s rare for them to not excite a crowd at festivals, events, and etc.

In May, they collaborated with Marcus D to release their latest project Portrait of a Muse. The 5 track EP is a wonderful collection of the artists’ personalities and history if you will. One song that stood out to me was Nimbus, which they released a music video for.

Nimbus to put it bluntly is one hell a jazzy tune. On a more serious note, the song is an ode to hustling.

“I think I’m marrying insomnia tonight” is probably the line that leave it’s most memorable impression. The song speaks of how we blaze our own trails. In many ways it’s a reflection of the band’s heroic journey together. Our ambitions (hah) can take us anywhere and everywhere. Sleep is often sacrificed as we progress ourselves. I mean, I should be asleep right now. Anyway, when others sleep, is when we do our best to get more out of life in return. The song reinforces this message with some very smooth lyrics. Marcus D over course creates a beautiful production.
In their video, we see images of Seattle as they drive to various locations. Along the way we see friends, family, and fans. Only fitting that director, Reid Graham uses these locations and people to bring the song to life. Everything seen is symbolic to the fact that we never stop moving. Life and where we go is just like a car ride. Maybe it’ll take us the wilderness, a lake, or down a busy intersection. Regardless, we(well they) build the roadmap to follow. I have no idea what’s next for the band but I look forward to what’s next.


Portraits of a Muse is available everywhere for your listening pleasure.


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