Artist Profile Maverick da Roninn


I’ve hardly come across artists that have been more upfront about their aesthetics then Maverick da Roninn. All things geek culture is what he embraces and celebrates. Nearly all of his music recognizes these influences. To call him a gimmick would be more than insult. It’s not just his brand but the core of his musical career.

Matthew “Maverick da Roninn” Mosley is a 25 year old Brooklyn native. He now calls Bethlehem, PA his home. Over the years he’s been building his career by his own terms. He’s does shows and visits conventions all for music. He’s collaborated, he’s been on ciphers, you name it.

All of this my sound the norm for an artist these days. Make no mistake, though this member of the Otaku Gang has done everything as he’s envisioned it. In many ways he’s like his favorite super hero NightWing — Stepping out of the shadows of others to crave out his own niche in music. But enough with all that, here’s a run of his new album, Gamers Interlude 2.

Back 2 This (Prod. by NegroSaki)

The album begins with quintessential Maverick lyricism. The young rapper reintroduces listeners to his Gamers Interlude.  With a solid production from Negrosaki, Matt tells who he is. With an air of confidence he checks his focus and driving influences for his Maverick career. Something unique and adamantly his alone. He’s back at it for the rap game and continues his journey. Of course, it’s no surprise the song could serve as his superhero theme.

IronFist (Prod. by Danger The Producer)

Track 2’s name says it all friends. This track is inspired and dedicated to the Immortal Iron Fist (have you seen him on TV?). Matthew rhythmically recalls Danny Rand’s struggles, accomplishments and journey. You’ll find that his album has a lot of reference to the hero’s journey. Like Iron Fist, Mav is out to fulfill his destiny against some very tough odds. This song is easily one of my favorites. It’s proof(well further) that you give him time and he’ll give due respect to heroes on a track. This song is also another iron clad rule that Matt and prolific producer Danger should always collaborate.

Arcade Ft. Richie Branson (Prod. by Ari_Bandz)

I try to avoid using the word “banger” to describe songs. It tends to take focus from other songs on an album. Anyway it’s definitely one of my favorites. Matthew’s victoriously vindicated verses speaks to where everyday feels like a day at the arcades. Another day brings a challenge and he’s all too eager to meet it head on. It’s an unwritten rule where a rapper has to speak to his talents. Might as well do it to the meanest ragtime hiphop beat around, courtesy of Ari Bandz. Also featured on the song is Richie Branson. A man that’s no stranger to nerd/geek inspired raps. His inclusion is definitely a stamp of approval of Mav’s talent.

I AM BATMAN (Prod. by Ari_Bandz)

My next favorite off the project is track 6. This time around Mav and Ari_Bandz go to work on song dedicated to Batman. This is four minutes of Mav outlining to the world’s greatest detective career. Jokes, facts, confidence all these are laced within I am Batman. If you really questioned the level of his flow, this song is really going to end that concern. He delivers each line after line like a well timed punch. He’s not a force to be reckoned with cowl err I mean mic.

Star Cross (Prod. by Oddwin)

Ahh track 14, this is what I would like to call the “touchy feely song”. Produced by the musical wonder Oddwin, the young roninn opens up his heart for a minute. Along the very modern popish track he paints us his ideal pairing. Maverick is able to keep it real and to the point. To his credit, as an artist he’s able to share these feelings without sounding phony. Love songs at times feel more like a staple where they just belong on an album. This on the contrary, fits the grand narrative of who is Maverick.

Greatest Ft. Dre Gatz & Mickey Factz (Prod. by KenkenKilltit)

Track 15 offers another side to what occupies Matthew’s mind. The track speaks of societal issues he’s all too aware of. Mav raps about surviving all his enemies figuratively and perhaps literal. He’s the greatest in his own words for walking down his path unshaken. Joined by both Dre Gatz and Mickey Factz they lyrically try to make sense of the wrongs they’ve seen/experienced. The world and people are often very jaded and self defeating. This very solid production by KenkenKilltit creates a the stage for their poetic proclamations. Racism, labels, and the other failings of human nature are the enemies Maverick will see rest in peace.

Heroes Saga: The Letter (Prod. by Von.)

Track 16 returns to the theme of the young roninn’s heroic journey. It reads, excuse me sounds of what life lies ahead. His best story telling in my opinion is where he offers thoughts on destiny. This entire track is one where he empowers listeners and himself. Produced by the talented VON, this song I feel is the album’s concept in one song. Opposition and failure is all in our hands alone to defeat is the message. Much like Sinbad the great adventurer Mav, knows the journey will be a long one. For fans, he offers comfort, confidence and truth. This is a song for us listeners as much as it is for him as an artist.

Max Out!!! (Prod. by Natsu Fuji)

“Satsui no hado in my bars so I gotta kill” this verse alone is what track 17, Max Out is all about. An ode to fighting games and brawlers a like. The verse I quoted is a reference to Akuma from Street Fighter. It’s also probably(is) one of my favorite lines from the young rapper. With an exceptional beat from Natsu Fuji, Maverick squares up lyrically. He gives nods to these famous and nefarious fictional martial artists. he then moves on to the madness of street brawling. Yes, this track is definitely nerdcore rap. But I’ll ask you to present me rhymes this down right fierce. You’ll be hard pressed to do so I bet. Because like a good fighting game, Mav mixes it up to stay ahead of the game.

Heroes Saga: Origins (Prod. by Gage)

Track 22 returns to the origin of the hero’s saga. This track sounds much like a fantasy tale if you will. Make no mistake, Matthew is flexing his lyrical story telling. He raps upon the story of a man called by destiny with an impressive production is by way of Gage. Now, maybe moved by outside forces or by the actions of villains this fictional hero moves to action. An adventure begins simple with the goal being stronger then everyone else. We hear of how the hero meets trial after trial to win it all. If was asked to offer a song to introduce people to Maverick da Roninn, this would be the song for it.

World Warrior (Prod. by Natsu Fuji)

The last song to close out the album is another nod to Street Fighter. World Warrior brings the tag team of Mav and the consummate producer Natsu together again. Conceptually, the track speaks of what lies in Mav’s musical soul. He makes parallels to how his journey as if he’s Ryu of Street Fighter. Life is one where he must continually challenge himself. Life offers a lot in terms of fights but it also offers alot to corrupt the soul. It’s hard to hold on to your sense of self. He’s all too aware of it and he reminds us of it. Maybe that’s too on the nose but that’s Matthew’s art.

Now, I wrote about a handful of songs. I would strongly encourage you to listen to his entire project. More than anything he really was able to further solidify his brand of music. I’ve been a fan of his for a short time but I think this is his best to date. For an artist growth and establishing themselves are of great importance. I’m a fan of Maverick da Roninn because it’s skillfully and shamelessly on every track.

You’ll find that Mav is pretty active across all social media like any 20 something. He often speaks on his moves as an artists. He also provides personal insight to making music and those in the community as well.



Maverick da Roninn’s Gamers Interlude 2 is available for stream and download



I often end reviews sharing thoughts on where artists could go. I really have no idea what Maverick has in order for himself. The youngman is 10 steps ahead for his projects and brand awareness. Maybe he’ll create a new video or he has a series of collaborations yet to see the light of day? One things for sure is that it’s all his path to blaze.


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