Radio.wavs 4.0


So a few posts ago I sat down to analyze radio.wavs volume 3. Today, I continue to shine a light on the unique collection of artists. The collation released vol.4 on 4/20/17. Note: The album art is weed friends. They created another LP together to celebrate the day. As such they created an easy going lofi project.

Before we start lofi as defined by Wikipedia:

Low fidelity or lo fi is a type of sound recording which contains technical flaws that make the recording sound different compared with the live sound being recorded, such as distortion, hum, background noise, or limited frequency response. The term “low-fidelity” is used in contrast to the audiophile term high fidelity or “hi-fi”, which refers to equipment that very accurately reproduces music without harmonic distortion or unwanted frequency emphasis or resonance. In some recordings, however, high fidelity recording is purposely avoided, or the artifacts such as simulated vinyl record crackles are deliberately retained or added in for aesthetic or historical reasons.

So in celebration of the day they released a “chill” album to go hand in hand with recreational activities. So let’s talk about this 17 track album a bit & checkout its tonal shifts. I picked out 9 of my favorites which is harder than you may think. Also I’ll make the clear connections to smoking weed and so forth as it did serve as the album’s subject matter. It’s only right folks.


Track one Brownies by Kevatta / sleepdealer opens up with the overall feel of the album. The song is mellow, calm, and relaxing. A tag team of their producer powers, the duo creates a song that would feels like you’re morning wake up tune. Laid back and jazzy in its DNA, listeners are taken to a place of peace and no worries. Of course, as you know brownies are another form of how you can enjoy weed. So the song title isn’t a big mystery here. Can’t have an album for 420 without it being thoroughly chill.

My next favorite among the album comes way from the young producer Axian – conscious (pronounced Asian?). The third track titled decision is a jazz fusion production in its DNA. What he crafts is a wavy scene of vibes. As if you were in the only patron in a jazz club. The tune is something to lose yourself in. Much like our most pressing thoughts. “Decision” is a well crafted beat that invokes pause and consideration. As the piano keys slowly reveal themselves, the song ask you to take your time as if you were hitting a j.

One of my personal favorites on the project is the track In my Head (prod. Heliflooper) by ATL rapper Foe Pound. Again, we find Foe in his element. He raps earnestly about relationships and the “thoughts in his head”. Heliflopper  created a very fun jazz tune despite the subject.  Lyrically he questions how he’s always thinking. Pound shares realization that we are often consumed in our interactions of romance or close to it. He reminiscences cleverly of past mes-sups and simply ask to just try. As a hype man injects every now and then his chill message gets clearer and clearer. 420 is a day where people come to a lot of answers. In the end, He admits that its not worth it with to even know her name.

With the fifth entry, Hanzo jumps in with his beat gt + cb. The track is of the lofi variety. Its overall presentation is not grandiose but rather just in the moment. The title maybe a reference to gulf tax credit bonds. But let’s see way off on that one. Either way its a stripped down production  composed of mild pulsations, a steady percussion, and ambient sounds throughout. Its smooth 1:15 minute reprieve that you may just need. The song is good smoke break

Datfootdive’s merlywyb hits the project at track 9. Its quite different compared to other songs. The instrumental production her is future funk unless my ears prove me wrong. The switch up is another interlude. In a little under a minute, footdive gives us some fun 1980s club imagery. Its bright, cheerful and something to dance to. A fun and funk inspired production is always welcomed.

Twelfth on the board is David Chief’s Stone Bridge. The title stone bridge invokes the idea of something sturdy and dependable. The talented producer is able to once again create a unique production. The song is rather eerie, low key, and invokes feelings of solitude. The beat is intricately easy going for 420. When lighting up, at times you just want the world to slow down to your own pace. I think David is still building beats tougher than stone though.

Lucky number seven of my favorites is another production tag team. Harm and Kumo present us with their track Drugs. The song is pretty straight forward like its title. Its whimsical in its structure with the bells here and whistle there. The song makes fun of the notion that drugs are bad. So it makes sense that it comes across tongue and cheek. Still its an easy going song nonetheless much like its present company.

The fourteenth track is certainly more jazz inspired than most other tracks. The title is Devil’s Fake Ace’s. As you listen to the song you’ll hear how dalcroze did more than flip it. So the song has that right addition of percussion to be modern. However it has that classic foundation that any fan of the genre can appreciate. Jazz is easy going and can inspire you for greatness or something. So the title could be reference to the fact music plays the best when its not even its best.

Track 15 introduces the last of my recommendations, high life. Bka Iz composition is a song that’s uplifting to say the least. The beat is a steady flow of steady drums, snares complimenting new age jazz fusion. Bka Iz has certainly created something a song that’s as high as a kite. Ok sorry if that sounds lame but you have to remember the theme of the album Nonetheless this is a beautiful series of sounds friends

So this is the third time I’ve written about Radio.Wavs’ projects. Thus, we have this album inspired by 420. The 18 track LP celebrates the day with variations of easy jazy and low tempo hiphop. The collection of talent again is special. These artists really represent that new age musical artist that’s multi influenced. Not sticking solely to one gender or sound they create newer almost undefined tunes.

As of writing, I think a volume 5 will be coming someday in the future. That’s good news but for the time being play Radio.wavs volume 4 on loop you won’t regret it.

You’ll find Radio.wavs Vol. 4 streaming via on Spotify and Souncloud

You’ll also find their album for purchase via their bandcamp page.

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