Artists Changing Music Part 3


Welcome to my last entry of artists whom are changing the landscape of music. So when writing this I thought to myself everyone knows music. Why should I give my input. Well the problems is most of my conversation revolve around popularity contests and not talent. So I shy away from the mainstream.
Clicking on each artists name will open a new tab to the song listed. Thus you can enjoy the songs I’ve chosen to represent them.
The songs listed aren’t necessarily their best but one of my favorites to give you sample of their impressive talents. So grab a drink and take a seat. This list is a I created from a year’s worth of countless hours looking and listening.
I’m glad that not sticking to mainstream music has allowed to find some very special individuals. Although they make up the final part of my feature, they aren’t any less talented. So enjoy my final entry.


Ivan Ave – The Circle
Music comes from anywhere and Ivan reinforces it rather smoothly. This Norwegian MC has craved an interesting path in the world of music. He’s influenced by jazz and beats from the 1990s. With The Circle he displays vocals and a style that feels like a R&B classic a decade ago. I became a fan of Ivan because his songs represent an ongoing vibe that he’s still a student of hiphop classics. His songs are melodic, easygoing, and introspective yet still feel like those same classics.
The UnCanny Reservoir – Voodoo Potion
So much to my surprise I found one of my favorite new bands in my own backyard. Miami isn’t really known for rock to be honest. Now T.U.R is an electric fusion band is leading the scene in their own way. Voodoo Potion is a haunting track that is layered with a steady bass. Then as lead guitarists joins the song transforms into something more…something psychedelic and full of soul. It’s often a joke that Miami is phony so it feels good to have a band that isn’t
No Name  – Yesterday
You may not recognize the name but you have heard her voice. She has worked with the likes of Jeremih, Mick Jenkins, Chance The Rapper and etc. But why is this Chicago native not more well-known? You’re guess is as good as mine. What’s important is her place in music and her perspective. Yesterday is sung where she reflects on the absurdity of the present and she recalls beautiful memories. She injects by sharing some powerful poetry in between. She offers a very personal journey of her thoughts through music.
eu-IV – Time Goes
When listening to his pool of work it’s hard to pick just one example of what he does. Eu-IV to say the least is a busy creator whom continues to evolve. With Time Goes he composed an instrumental tune that needs no words. It includes tunes and samples from various musical era until the bass induces its modern form. His meticulous brand of craftsmanship can be heard on very track.
Artius – Flight
Artius is the founder of the Future Society Collective. The collective is essentially a network where artists collaborate to grow their brand of music. This being said his creations are the very definition of that mission statement. His music focuses particularly with future funk as well as house renditions/remasters of older classics. He’s essentially at the forefront of “what’s old is new again” and does it masterfully.
Fyütch – Psychic
So Fyütch is special where he doesn’t fits into a genre but multiple. He’s the singer, rapper, R&B sensation that you should know (like everyone in this feature). He has years of musical experience under his belt and his songs expresses this well. With Psychic (prod. by Tokyo Megaplex)  he raps/sings how his telepathic abilities impresses his love interest. Its part humorous, smooth, and just flows so well. He’s a one of a kind “does it all” artist.
Habibi Funk – Beethova – Babylone (Tunisia, 1980s)
Habibi Fuk is a DJ,label, and platform of soul, funk and psychedelic Arab music. Habibi pieces’ are chosen/inspired from decades past and modern tunes are made honoring those times. So it’s one part history lesson, one part cultural appreciation, and all groovy. The song Beethova Babylone, is newer take and remastered version to be more mellow to Beethova’s original back in 1980.. Each song is beautiful and contains an equally beautiful story behind it.
The Kount  – Hey
The Kount is a Canadian instrumentalist and beat maker. He can be found developing fun party tunes. Disco, hiphop, funk, future funk, and etc, he does it all. The Kount seemingly keeps creating hit after hit. Hey is a thumping, head nodding, funk infused medley. His tunes can fit any mood at any time. He collaborates regularly and performs live as well. You can kount (not sorry) on him for awesome beats.
Arcade Fighters – Gilberto Gil – Palco
The duo of producers, musicians, artists whom in my honest opinion are the source for Brazilian Disco. If you’ve never heard this kind of disco before it’s an experience. More to the point each track they release feels like a party starter. I wish I could be part of their shows live. Also they have a great stage name.


Ravyn Lenae – Free Room
When everyone is unfairly labeled “samey” this Chicago native is pretty one of a kind. Imagine if you found a soulful R&B singer from decades ago and brought her to the present. Free Room, is a song where Ravyn sings of those interesting spaces of relationships we find ourselves. Thus far her musical track record is experimental and on the move. Not for nothing, but Chicago is home to some talented folks huh?
Luna Blue – Take What You Get
My list ends with the discovery of UK alternative rock band. This ensemble of four young men hail from West Sussex’s Chichester University. Their songs are smooth, melodic, and so easy listening it’s ridiculous.Their music is still quite serious about their subject matters. Their sound is pretty unique and I hope more is on horizon moving forward.
In conclusion…
Well that was my year of 2016 in a nutshell. In case you missed it here’s part 1, which focuses more on creators/musicians. Then’s part 2 that focus more so on hiphop influencers.
You’ll notice I like a bit of everything and try not to gravitate too much towards a genre. That’s the beauty of music though, you can find talent anywhere. I’ve mentioned it time and again but popularity and radio plays don’t equate talent. It doesn’t even equates relevancy.
This is also way I dedicate to create this blog to help share these artists as I find them. Like I always say;  the best music can be found anywhere. Maybe it’s at the local bar, your university, your neighbor or someone from the other side of the world. Either way though? I’m going to be here to help  you find better music, better compositions, and maybe better rhymes. – Jeffrey R.
*I don’t own nor claim the right to the track artwork used in this post*

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