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In optics, a prism is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refracts light. A crystal is able to manipulate and use its light source to create something new if you will. I’m assuming this maybe one of the reasons why PRISM LITE chose that as a stage name. This is how they address the art of music.
Today, I’ll be covering the young and promising producer based out of Sydney, Australia. PRISM’s work was discovered when I heard the track breezy months ago.
The song was a window into the mind of the now 18 year-old-producer. The song is crafted by converting and adding sounds that blend beautifully to create something new, exciting, and smooth. As you take a listen to her tracks, you’ll notice that they’re a master of non conformity. Yes, their songs do share that future funk, vaporwave influence and aesthetic. But even then it’s not the same like everyone else.
I’m not certain what her musical background is but I have the assumption it was quite varied. Songs are composed and supported with different genre bases you wouldn’t consider. This is the mark of a creative individual that has spent countless hours with their craft. This is why I’ve easily spent hours listening to her music.
To date, her first album is WITH YOU, a six track showcase of their ever-growing skillset. The album is a well structured assortment of music ranging from jazz, funk, future funk, and vaporwave ala plunderphonics.
Side note: PRISM remains quite busy, there is a number of the artisan’s work featured upon other artists’playlists and albums.
The album begins with the intro, IN LOVE, which serves as a upbeat track. The composition results in song with a thumping bass, a more pronounced guitar strums, and the lyrics sound silkier in tandem. That is rather fitting, considering it’s a song about an emotion that has no set definition.
My personal favorite within the album is KAME WAVES. The track begins with a short conversation (which maybe familiar) and features a well executed ebb and flow with the underlying lyrics parallel to the fusion inspired backdrop.
Moving on from the album, I would like to direct attention to the track fade. It was released sometime ago and it’s another personal favorite. PRISM is again able to display her ability to change song form or its element if you will. The song features a mix of percussion, piano, a modern beat, and woodwind instruments. It culminates into a uniquely attractive hip hop song.
This may not need mentioning but beats, instrumentals, and so forth are able to convey clear messages to the listener. With this album and other creations, it’s a matter of absorbing it all. The music’s composition, the beat, bass line, and etc. are understood in so many ways. A producer is able to mesmerize listeners with this in mind. It’s no easy task on any level but she’s has been doing it well for sometime now.
What’s most enjoyable about PRISM’s output is the unknown for the next song. The next genre to be explored is up to her discretion. This alleviates any labeling or unnecessary generalization. After all, music evolves, genres blend, what’s old is new, and I could go. This ongoing opportunity to grow is why they so effective with the art.

When PRISM isn’t enveloped in music, you’ll find they’re active via social media. Now, unlike most teenagers’ accounts, she speaks openly about her relationship with music. They’ll often share thoughts on the subtitles and nuances of producing. You may also gain more insight into the communities that surround that music scene.
Before I end this post, here’s some recommendations produced by PRISM.
Prism Lite – With You (コンシャスTHOUGHTS Remix)
PRISM LITE – Paradise
PRISM LITE – stay on top
Now, it’s been shared that a new album is on it’s way. All good things come to those that wait. I will be reviewing it when the time arises. For the time being, I look forward to what the future holds for this budding and equally talented producer.

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