In keeping with the music theme of this blog welcome to the intro track. Anyway, this first post will serve as our(mine) promise/purpose. 

This will be regularly updated with post about little known music. What you’ll find? Posts about artists/producers/labels/etc from soundcloud, bandcamp, youtube, and heck the local choir. Musical genres will be varied,diverse, and unique just as the artists.

What you won’t find? Posts about more established artist that have millions of fans and tons of radioplay. I’m not saying their music isn’t good but there’s tons of blogs about them already.

We’ll cover bios, album releases/reviews, and interviews from those doing something special. No stone will be left unturned in our pursuit of musical awareness. Hopefully you can help with suggestions as well.

Music is an art just because it’s not heard by everyone doesn’t mean it’s not just as awesome. Better rhymes are incoming, so kickback and hit play – Jeffrey R.

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