radio​.​wavs​/​/​volume​.​3 ~ A New Wave


What spurs an album to reach nearly 40 tracks? The talent? Motivation to do great? The drive to represent? Maybe this is scratching the surface of what inspired the creation Radio.wavs Volume 3.

Radio.wavs is a collation/label of artists; producers, signers, rappers, and instrumentalist. It’s spearheaded by artists D-Real [愛] and Ocean Jams. For volume 3(and all others) they actually held open submissions and made their entry choices. I’m not exactly sure how many artists fly under their banner.

What I do know is that very talented individuals have come together to surf on a new wave of hip hop. Their styles are different and together they create the some of the new forms of hiphop.

Like always you can skip my words and listen to the track selections. Now a review of 39 tracks would quite the deluge of words. So I’ve selected a few tracks to cover. Each track mentioned will have a link to the artist. So should you checkout their third entry? Find out in this review.

Track seven Layback2, is beautiful jazz infused work from the producer Prospect. The song invokes that classy bar or lounge feel. The laid back composition really eases you into a calm state of mind. Jazz and hip hop do go hand in hand after all. It’s only fitting that this piano laden song is serves as a starter. The repetition of the track builds slowly as it reaches it smooth crescendo.

The ninth track, Bottom of the 9th is unique hip hop sound from a producer/artist Sabir. Sabir’s song is themed by that realization of becoming better from being down. His production and lyrical execution is something of a fusion of rap and r&b. Its different for modern hiphop and nothing really sounds like. But if you find it let me know. Aside from being motivating, the song also makes clever sports references. I mean the song title is by baseball terminology.

Fast forward a bit to track 14, Sketches For Autumn  and were introduced to emmcee to Allen Thomas. The Atlanta talent opens up about his outlook on life at large with a jazzy tune. Backed by a Hannibal King production he ponders on the present, relationship, and so forth. Thomas has a certain lyrical nuance to him you can connect with. The song itself moves into a more mellow pace as Thomas gets deeper into thought.

I’ve spoken about the works of Foe Pound, he’s someone whose works are very reflective and analytical. With Save my Soul prod. by Glo, Foe raps about probably the most serious of subjects. Along a beautifully and uplifting produced track. He draws parallels with a “good gone bad”. He makes revelations/realizations that things happen and we hold ourselves responsible. Maybe to our own detriment we hurt ourselves emotionally.” If I express my views can you save my soul?” — There’s no definitive answer unfortunately. 

The Paraguayan producer, Riverwave 川の波​ comes in halfway through the album with his track Sunny Crab. His composition also maintains the album’s overall laid back tone. The track is a fun vaporwave track with a catchy beat. In case you didn’t know it was a vapowave beat the song repeats those words occasionally. The song feels like a melody you can watch waves to. Somewhere you’d find a sunny crab.

Athena comes in 21st track with the other beach jam, Memory. The song is lowkey, calming, & all other adjectives you can think of. She creates pleasing tropical sound. The producer is also able to combine distinct repercussions to make something oceanic by nature. Its pretty memorable. It also captures more sounds you would associate for the beach (hmm).

Datfootdive has a history with lofi hiphop, To those without a name is no exception. The song for a word is very mellow & almost subdued. The jazzy vibe is reinforced by lyrics that ask us to think about the now — which is kind of ugly but beautiful. The song is able to feel more personal in a way. It carries a tune that you could forget like a face with no name. But is still memorable once you hear like someone’s voice whose name you don’t know/remember.

The production duo; David Chief x Notation come together Quartz. The song that utilizes their respective expertise. The track by definition is purely ambient. Their song is eerily haunting and also calming. It echos that vibe of what its like at a quiet beach at night. I’d even add its the perfect song to star out into space with. The harmony allows you to disconnect.

Rapper Peezy checks in with Its All Good Baby prod. by Athena. The song serves as a mirror as he analyzes the self. Lyrically, he recognizes his shortcomings and acknowledges his future. Ultimately, he delivers a unique take on life’s story. Like any serious artist he also presents an interesting look on past events. Athena’s upbeat production keeps things bright all things considered. Peezy leaves on a declaration where he’ll be seeking nothing short of victory and success.

Jazz is rather prominent in this album but you all ready knew this. Endtimes by kevatta shares the same mood and overall tone as well. It’s pleasantly welcoming like a light shower on a hot day.  The producer was able to craft a new and more vibrant sound from jazz and bossa nova (if I’m not mistaken). Regardless though, its one of my personal favorites of the entire album. Making what was old new again is one of the most impressive skills of a producer.

Last song I like to mention is Menthol by capriisun and bka iz. Both rappers go to work on a very deliberate production. Capri opens up with a series of thoughts as if presenting poetry.  He states for consideration maybe what we label important is little more than vapor. Bka iz on the second half addresses the importance of his craft. He dismisses the thought of the unfamiliar questioning his work. Both rappers work well together to deliver some powerful messages.

Now again these were a few songs but going over all 39 songs would be one hell of a tsunami of words. Besides you’re probably tired of all my water puns by now.  Again, I feel the radio.wavs label is a good example of what hip hop is now.

The new nature of sampling, creating sounds, and crafting recognizes the past but stays present. The question of where hip hop is going always seems to fill forums and social media. Honestly, the answer is probably not what’s popular, that often stays samey. The present and future is fine in the hands of these artists surfing on this wav (misspelled on purpose).

Radio.wavs Volume 3 is available for streaming and purchase.

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